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With World Environment Day on the horizon and the state in which we find the climate across the globe, it is certainly worth thinking about how our exports and international investments can help shape the future path of our environment and bring us closer to nature.

As an annual event that promotes the most positive environmental action worldwide, World Environment Day taking place on Monday 5th June 2017, brings nations together to celebrate and appreciate the wonders of nature and all its worth. This day also raises awareness about the impact we have on the environment around us, highlighting both positive and negative consequences. Like Commonwealth Day in March, a theme is chosen by a yearly elected host country to honour the event, which this year has been chosen by Canada. Their idea ‘Connecting People to Nature’ aims at encouraging the world to reconnect with their beautiful surroundings and nurture this valuable relationship, by spending as much time outdoors whether it be your garden, a forest or woodland or the ocean, at the same drawing attention to the importance of protecting our precious planet. What this event ultimately promotes is the joining together of communities to organise such worthwhile activities as neighbourhood clean ups, forest replanting, and taking action against wildlife crime.

So how can we help raise awareness of our environment through the world of business and export and fall in line with this year’s theme? What about networking events that connect with nature? We’ve all heard about company team-building days out. Well why not connect people at the same time as connecting to nature by arranging business networking days in our beautiful outdoors. Imagine a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in a wood, where participants could enjoy their surroundings with a cup of tea and a chat (expand their business network and ideas), followed by a treasure hunt that encourages learning about the local wildlife and habitat, as well as getting to know potential clients in a more fun and interesting way!

Another way of connecting to nature is to look at our natural resources and how they can be renewed in a way that doesn’t cause havoc on our environment. Wind technology is one such example, but in order for technological companies to make the most of their investments, it is vital that their research and knowledge is passed onto other growing foreign markets to ensure long-term growth and success. With rising populations in countries such as India and China, renewable technology businesses can spread their wings and bring these countries into the fold. Likewise new business opportunities can be created and advancements in technology shared with places already at the forefront of renewable energy, like Germany and Spain, important innovators of wind power. So how can this journey be made smoother? Surely effective international communication through written and verbal means will spread the love of nature. Crossing cultural borders is not without its challenges so embarking on such adventures might require the employment of an interpreter during a business proposal, as well as connecting people to nature through the translation of a new renewable energy idea. Presenting one’s ideas and proposals would be better welcomed in the clients’ native language, so that everything is as clear as possible and nothing misunderstood.

Spreading the love of nature can also be done in unique new ventures such as using nature to create products in a non-invasive way. For instance, the UK business ‘Full Grown’ has developed an unparalleled way of making furniture through the training of trees by shaping them into chairs and lamps, etc. If it can be done with grape vines for the production of wine, why not with trees to make chairs?! Even the company’s philosophy behind the business is encouragingly optimistic in protecting our treasured earth. “We are developing an elegant, simple art form that emits oxygen, absorbs CO2 and whose by products sustain the birds, the bees and other wildlife.” So how can the world be educated to this connection with nature, whilst creating a business opportunity at the same time? Like the sharing of renewable technologies, exporting globally with the help of effective international communication is a good start.

And what better way to round off this advocacy of connecting with nature combined with international communication and ventures, than with the words of the highly revered, Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

By Madeline Prusmann, Project Manager, June 2017

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