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Peak Translations develops a safe and healthy partnership with HS Direct

Helen Provart, Managing Director, Peak Translations and James Murphy, Director HS Direct are delighted to announce the beginnings of a new partnership providing essential health and safety documents in other languages.

A great example of 2 different service providers, both experts in their respective fields coming together to provide an added value service to the benefit of their customers.

Health and safety is a core area of any business and the respect of all legal requirements and regulations are an essential everyday concern for many business owners. HS Direct assist their customers with their health and safety projects and provide easy to use documents and software that can cater for all the Health and Safety needs of their clients’ companies.

Their consultants provide detailed information on the rules and regulations set by the Health & Safety Executive as well as providing information and assistance for setting up your own Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments. A perfect package, but one service was missing.

HS Direct had received many requests for their documents to be available in other languages, but as James Murphy, Director HS Direct, describes “we knew that there was a gap and that many of our clients were looking to us to provide a service in this area, we just didn’t know how to approach the subject or who to turn to in order to find a solution. When I met Helen from Peak Translations and she described the strict quality processes adhered to by her team and the possibility to work in any language with real experts and native speakers, I knew that we had found the solution.”

For Helen Provart and her company Peak Translations: “This new partnership provides Peak Translations with the opportunity to add value to HS Direct and to their clients by providing all necessary translations of the various documentation and software when required. We are able to provide any language and thanks to our ISO quality assurance we can provide James, HS Direct and their clients with the peace of mind that all documents meet the highest of standards, an essential part of all Health and Safety management.

We are constantly looking to support our clients and local businesses by establishing long term partnerships and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and openness to looking at different ways of working.”

Peak Translations has been supporting its clients, companies specialising both in the health and safety sector and those in other industries who have to cater for health and safety in other languages, for 39 years and its in-house project management team and linguists have a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of documents and in finding the appropriate solution.

The partnership between the two companies is still primarily in the trial stage, with the two companies targeting the ‘working in heights’ procedure. Peak Translations have prepared the documents for the time being in Polish and so far the results recorded from the HS Direct team are already indicating success which will lead to a further selection of documents and languages to be trialled.

A mutually beneficial collaboration, HS Direct is able to enhance its service to its clients and Peak Translations can support them in doing so.

The real objective being that HS Direct, thanks to the support and expertise of Peak Translations, will be able to offer the complete array of its documents and toolkit in any language required.


Peak Translations Ltd

Peak Translations Ltd, based in the Peak District in the heart of the UK, is committed to helping our clients to communicate effectively in foreign languages. We have been providing exceptional language services since 1978, and achieved ISO accreditation in the early 90s, giving our clients the peace of mind that their foreign communications are accurate and effective. Whether you are dealing with customers or agents in overseas markets or internal employment or health and safety issues, our project management team are highly motivated to find the right solution for you and guide you through the process to ensure our written translation and spoken interpreting services help you to achieve your objectives.

We represent a team of passionate professionals working in a wide range of languages. Our expert linguists specialise in one of our five key areas – technical, legal, financial, medical and creative. This ensures that the linguist communicating on your behalf has full understanding of your industry. We work with clients in a variety of different industries, from engineering, manufacturing and software development companies in the technical field, through to web design companies and PR agencies in the creative field.

Our aim is to build partnerships to assist you in establishing reliable and accurate means of communication with your own international customers, suppliers and distributors. Our knowledge of language combined with our linguists’ specialist areas of expertise results in a “best in class” service that gets the job done. And, backed up by our ISO Quality Assured procedures covering all areas of our business, we are confident our language services will help you to win more contracts, build international supplier networks and grow your business worldwide.

To find out more about how we can help you, visit our website: or contact us today via or 01663 732074. Our project management team are ready to assist you.


HS Direct Ltd

HS Direct has a large and growing client base and serves thousands across the UK. It also has clients in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. The large team of highly committed staff help to make it easier for companies to manage health and safety effectively through their cloud-based software. Products include method statements, risk assessments, health and safety policies and tool-box talks, as well as industry-specific documents, training and consulting services.

For all media enquiries please contact James Murphy on 0161 302 5735 or 07961 746563. Alternatively you can email or visit for more information.

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