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Early October back in ’78, Peak Translations was born and on 12th July 2018 we celebrated its 40th birthday at the iconic Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.

The event was aimed at marking the occasion with a fitting celebration but also at highlighting the foundation stones on which the company was built and which still represent the company’s core values today.

With a mix of clients, suppliers, advisors and key stakeholders, we shared the history of the company through the eyes of the founder and our guest of honour for the evening, Ian Gordon, and looked at what the next 40 years might hold.

The evening began with a drinks reception which started outside on the stunning Salford quayside. However, no sooner had we taken our first sip of bubbly than the unpredictable British weather struck and the heavens opened. The move inside actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it gave all our guests a better opportunity to appreciate their amazing surroundings. The venue is remarkable and such a unique space for holding a dinner, it really did create a fabulous buzz. And to see the company’s 40th anniversary logo projected onto the bottom of a Harrier Jump Jet was simply breath-taking.

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After taking their seats for the dinner, the guests were treated to some excellent cuisine with each course representing a country close to the hearts of the members of the Peak team – Italy, France and Spain.

During the meal, we took a trip down memory lane to look at what led to the company being established in 1978 and some of the elements that were crucial to building a successful company. Technology was a key theme, with Ian commenting on the early adoption of electronic typewriters and word processors. He was also instrumental in the introduction of Translation Memory Software into the UK market, which is still widely used today. Quality was another theme identified as an important element and a major achievement in the ‘90s was the ISO9001 accreditation, which Ian had to adapt from a manufacturing basis, for which the standard was designed, to fit a service industry; testament to his commitment to implementing high quality standards.

We then moved on to the current Peak and took a look at where we are heading. The themes of Technology and Quality still underlie the activities we carry out. On the technology front, we are continually looking at opportunities to work with new technologies to enhance our clients’ communications. For example, we provide a service to carry out multilingual SEO for foreign-language websites so that our clients’ sites have a better chance of coming up in foreign searches.

And, in terms of quality, our guests were entertained with a few funny examples of how not to do things, with the aim of reinforcing the importance of always working with native speakers with expertise in specific industries and of always including a revision stage.

The evening concluded with the results of our foreign-themed quiz which tested our guests’ knowledge on things as diverse as the location of Bran Castle (Transylvania, Romania), where the Snow and Ice Festival is celebrated (China) and the British English equivalent of the Australian word “Thong” (Flip Flop). And it was a well-fought contest, which ended-up going to a tie-breaker.

All-in-all, it was a fitting way to mark the 40th anniversary, at a venue which represents history and with the people, past and present, who have made the journey possible. And with everyone wearing a touch of red, as requested, it was a great tribute to the Peak brand.








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Peak Translations’ 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The team at Peak Translations is proud to announce that the company has achieved the new ISO 17100 accreditation.

For Peak Translations, one of the first translation agencies in the UK to achieve ISO Quality Management accreditation in 1993, this new accreditation is evidence of the company’s commitment and ability to produce exceptional quality, fit for purpose translation work. Continually working to develop and improve the processes and systems in place, this recognition demonstrates that Peak Translations now have a robust process in place that firstly allows the team to assess the language and sector skills and knowledge of the linguists carrying out the work and, secondly, ensures the work passes through the relevant translation, revision, review and verification stages.

Specifically designed for translation services and replacing the previous EN 15038 standard, the new ISO 17100 standard is now recognised worldwide rather than the EN which was only recognised throughout Europe.

“The creation of this new ISO 17100 standard is a really positive step forward for our industry and most importantly for our customers; just as in the financial world where companies are regulated by the FSA, we are eager for the same rigorous approach to be implemented in the translation and interpreting industry. This would ensure the same level of high quality services and ultimately provide peace of mind and reassurance to those using the services. Clients should always look to work with those agencies that are ISO accredited,” describes Helen Provart.

Helen Provart Managing Director with new ISO 17100 certificate





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Peak Translations achieves ISO 17100 accreditation

“Two qualities I am looking for : quick and well done ! Availability and a good ratio price/quality. Thank you.”

Françoise Morival,Commercial Assistant, Marketing & Communication, Delta Neu – Neu Process (France)

“I was more than impressed with the service from Peak Translations. They were extremely knowledgeable and well informed about the cultural & linguistic issues which affected my project, and I was extremely glad to have a company with their expertise who could guide me through a subject I wasn’t familiar with. Wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Becky Handford, Senior Account Executive, Fig Creative

“Very professional, efficient and helpful – no matter what language we’ve thrown at them!  We always use Peak Translations for a variety of items – skyping, written translations, interpreting. They research the content for technical words and expressions to ensure they are using the correct turn of phrase.  Highly recommended.”

Jill Harrington, International Sales & Marketing Support, Gradus International,

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