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What Our Linguists Say

“It’s a pleasure to work with Peak Translations; the project managers are friendly, helpful and understand all of the workflows and cycles of the translation and documentation processes. The projects are varied and files are always well-prepared, using industry standard tools to their best advantage. It’s also a relief never to need to chase up payments for completed projects and other business admin requirements as the Vendor Management department is highly organised.”

Mark, French – English Translator

“Peak Translations is definitely one of the best translation agencies I have ever worked with. Their team is well organised, responsive, collaborative, friendly, and payments are always on time. Projects are always interesting and a valuable source of knowledge for translators, especially for those of us who work in the technical field. To me, Peak is the ideal agency for a long-term working relationship.”

Maria, English – Italian Translator

“Helpful and friendly project managers, interesting work and prompt payment – I would be happy to recommend working with Peak Translations.”

Andrew, German – English Legal Translator

“Having worked for Peak Translations for a good number of years, I have nothing but praise for their professionalism and support to their freelance colleagues. I was first approached by Ian Gordon (previous Managing Director of Peak Translations), when he was getting the newly-arrived Trados Translator’s Workbench product off the ground in the UK. His far-sighted approach to the technological evolution in the world of translation was beneficial both to the industry as a whole and certainly to me.

I was sorry to see Ian retire, but the Peak team remain a pleasure to work with. I feel sure they will go from strength to strength.”

Sue, German – English Translator

“I have been working for Peak Translations as a freelance translator for about 7 years. My language combination is English > Italian and I usually translate technical documents, generally using Trados for this company. I have always found the people in Peak Translations professional and helpful and have always been paid on time”.

Gabriella, English – Italian Technical Translator

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