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Gradus International is a leading company in contract interior solutions supplying and manufacturing such products as LED lighting, floor trims and carpets for various industry sectors, such as retail, pharmaceutical and transport, both at home and abroad. In order to branch into new global markets, maintain good relationships with clients, as well as provide training to our team of overseas distributors and agents, we required assistance to make sure Gradus could count on effective means of communication in various languages. To achieve this, we turned to Peak Translations to provide us with high quality translation and interpreting services, which have enabled our company to expand internationally.

The Solution

One of the most crucial areas for Gradus was ensuring our new distributors were fully trained and informed about Gradus products. With the increasing need for timely and cost-effective communication channels, Peak looked at providing alternatives, such as Skype interpreting, alongside the traditional face-to-face interpreting methods.  Peak Translations consistently ensures that the process runs smoothly and that everyone is on the same page by providing us with highly qualified and industry specific interpreters. Not only does Skype interpreting help keep costs down, it helps cultivate efficient communication within short time constraints and at the touch of a button, which subsequently has a positive impact on relations between client and distributor.

The Benefits

With an ever expanding international market, we can continually achieve our goal of exceptional communication, whilst maintaining Gradus International’s excellent reputation as a company with first-rate customer service by readily providing our distributors with proficient training and information from the comfort of our own workplace. This means that our customers in turn are receiving the most accurate information possible.

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