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Delta Neu is the UK subsidiary of the longer-established NEU Group based in Lille, France. Its international presence has notably developed over the years, finding its audience in several European countries as an outstanding company providing high-calibre industrial services in ventilation, dust control and waste extraction for hundreds of businesses. As Delta Neu was developing, we were looking at the way the business was approaching French to English translations, and therefore we wanted to build a relationship with a translation company that would provide high quality translations within certain budgetary constraints. Peak Translations stepped up to the mark and for the last few years has been helping us cross cultural barriers by fulfilling our technical and marketing translation needs in French, and at times in German.


The Solution

In order to keep translation costs down, as well as deliver translations within certain timescales, Peak Translations came up with an acceptable pricing and translation delivery structure, so that both of us would invariably prosper from this relationship. This has also been achieved by the creation of a company translation memory, which has benefited us financially, as well as ensured consistency of reliable terminology across the board.  Peak is also very competent at dealing with urgent translations. On one occasion, we found ourselves in a particularly tricky position, whereby we required a translation of a press release to be delivered within an extremely tight deadline, ready for print within the same day. We were very impressed with how they handled the situation, consistently communicating with us and providing updates on the state of play. Their support was second to none and they delivered the translation within the timeframe.


The Benefits

The initial negotiations set up by Peak Translations regarding costs and delivery, as well as the creation of a translation memory specific to Delta Neu, has meant that we have been able to continually communicate effectively with our French counterparts or European clients, whether it be through training courses, marketing information or technical instructions.

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