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Safety Media provides Health & Safety training solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide. The firm designs innovative training programmes and multi-media resources including e-learning solutions, DVDs, booklets, posters and training aids. Nearly a decade ago, we recognised the opportunity to produce multilingual versions of our products and services to grow the business in the UK. Peak Translations has worked with us from the outset enabling us to expand at home and also to access new global markets.

The Solution

Peak Translations has been working in partnership with us for nearly ten years on a vast number of foreign language projects. Their original remit was to produce and translate on-screen subtitles for a range of Health & Safety training DVDs.

Working with each DVD script, Peak initially produced edited text for English subtitles. They then translated the approved English subtitles into various foreign languages, ensuring every sentence met with screen format restrictions and reading speed requirements. The DVDs focused on issues surrounding Health & Safety at work, such as fire safety, stress management and working at heights.

Peak’s work with Safety Media has evolved significantly over the past decade, due to the development of web-based training products. They now provide translation services for the firm’s cutting-edge e-learning solutions, including online Health & Safety training courses.

The Benefits

Safety Media Managing Director Toby Roberts says: “When we started working together, our original goal was to expand our range of foreign language training products for the UK market. The reality is that the high quality translation services provided by Peak Translations opened the door to a global marketplace.”

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