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James Maguire & Co. is one of the country’s leading divorce and family law practices, providing bespoke legal services to client’s both at home and abroad. In order to provide the same legal expertise to our international clients it regularly involves considering foreign documents. Usually this includes marriage certificates, divorce papers or other documents prepared in various different languages.


It is vital that all the documentation is precisely translated into English so we can fully advise our client’s. These documents may be required in support of court proceedings or to assist in the course of complicated negotiations, therefore it is critical that the translations of these documents are absolutely accurate.  It is very important to be able to rely upon the translated documentation and Peak Translations have proved to be well equipped to translate documents accurately, efficiently and to a highest professional standard.


The Solution

The world is indeed a small place today, with many people marrying abroad or getting married to people of a different nationality. It is therefore essential that marriage certificates relay the exact same information in the target language as in the native language to make sure it is legally viable and to allow the English courts to proceed with the divorce.


Peak Translations are very good at matching the right translator to the job, in this case, sourcing translators and revisers who are legal experts, specialising in certificates and family law. Furthermore, our documents are often time sensitive and consequently by choosing a translation team proficient in legal terminology and with knowledge of the various countries’ laws; Peak Translations facilitates this fast turnaround.


The Benefits

Peak Translations’ highly qualified translation service ensures that we are providing our clients with the most accurate and authentic legal translations. This allows court cases for instance, to proceed much faster, by having the proper documentation in the correct language.

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