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A foreign exchange investment company who had produced an educational guide to applying for a foreign trading account, wanted a version in Japanese for their website. They had already had the 25,000 word document translated from English into Japanese, but due to the specialist financial nature of the guide they needed to make sure it was accurate and written with the correct terminology. For this peace of mind they approached Peak Translations to provide a specialist financial review service. To add to the complexities of the project, the client had a 22-hour timeframe and a fairly tight budget.


The Solution

Due to the project’s particularly time sensitive deadline, its high volume word count, specialist subject matter and budget constraints, Peak sought the most viable solution possible to fulfil all the client’s requirements. One of the client’s prerequisites included reviewing the chosen translator’s CV, in order to check that they had the relevant experience for the job, which was a comprehensive understanding of the financial sector, particularly regarding the stock exchange. Peak has built its reputation on matching the skill set of its linguists with the profile of the project, so this was a very straightforward request for the Project Management team to fulfil. Peak identified several Japanese translators that they felt were suitable for the project and the client expressed their preference of a particular candidate with FX industry experience. By assigning a highly specialised Japanese translator with specific foreign trading expertise (they were a foreign exchange spot dealer in Japan prior to being a translator), it allowed the project to be completed to the high standard expected by the client, within the given time and also within the budget. A less experienced translator would no doubt have taken longer and proved more costly, which would have jeopardised this project. In the interest of all parties involved, any issues were ironed out by consistent and comprehensive communication throughout the job, as well as negotiating a fixed price and capped time in order to meet budgetary conditions and timescale.


The Benefits

This particular project reflects the high standards to which Peak Translations adhere, always choosing translators with specialist experience in the given industry, as well as their commitment to providing the best solutions for their clients, so that all sides benefit from the relationship. A flexible approach to any complexities during the project also allowed for a well-executed job to be completed within such a limited time frame.  As a result the client ended up with a very polished educational guide which was ready for use on their website.

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