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Fig Creative is an integrated marketing and PR agency that lends its creative and commercial expertise to companies from all walks of life, providing branding, digital, marketing and PR services. They particularly specialise in five industry sectors; construction, education, food, drink and lifestyle, traffic and manufacturing.  As well as helping businesses stand out from the crowd nationally, we also give them a boost by widening their presence on the international stage, by providing translation services through our collaboration with Peak Translations. Such translations have included company technical product sheets or webpages.

The Solution

Websites require an extra level of service as they are marketing themselves in a different cultural limelight. It is therefore fundamental that the target market is considered whilst translating the original text, which requires the additional service of localisation, as well as translation. This was necessary for a project fulfilled by Peak Translations concerning a food-based website that needed to be translated from English into French, Spanish and Italian. To ensure that the websites in these European languages met their respective target markets, Peak used translators and revisers who were experts in marketing and localisation to ensure that the original message was relayed across the various cultural borders. Similarly, for the translation of technical data sheets, Peak also only sourced translators and revisers with the relevant industry experience to safeguard against poor quality translations.

The Benefits

Fig Creative’s relationship with Peak Translations has meant that we can provide our clients with an advanced level of service, so that they may communicate effectively across the globe, through expert and reliable translations of their product material.

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