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Local Authority

Over ten years ago, Peak Translations was contracted to provide ongoing support to a local authority by means of interpreting and translation services. Languages include Polish, Slovak, Turkish, Bengali, and Urdu, to name but a few. Peak continues to assist this authority on a daily basis.

The Solution

Most information that requires translation or interpreting through a social worker at a meeting is of a sensitive nature, therefore, Peak Translations ensures absolute confidentiality by sourcing interpreters and translators who adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct. Furthermore, interpreting requests are often required last minute, which Peak endeavours to fulfil by all means necessary even if an interpreter has to travel long distances. On the occasions where it is not feasible to send an interpreter in time for a meeting, Peak offers a viable solution in the form of telephone interpreting.  Documents demanding translation are regularly subject-specific, such as court evidence or medical reports, therefore, in these instances Peak makes sure that legal and medical translation experts carry out the translations to ensure authenticity of these types of documents.

The Benefits

Due to the expert language services provided by Peak, the local authority can offer their clients the best support possible in often difficult situations, which would otherwise be much more challenging without the assistance of an interpreter.  In turn their client receives valuable communication essential for their well-being.  In terms of translation, the local authority benefits, as they can show equivalent support to their non-English speaking clients through valid and authentic documentation, for example, with regards to legal documents; the client is able to understand everything and therefore receives fair representation.

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