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Equip Outdoor Technologies is a company that leads the way in innovative design and marketing of technical outdoor equipment, across the globe.  We produce the highest standard of products for climbers and mountaineers under our two specialist brands Rab and Lowe Alpine.  At Rab we are an established brand and want to make sure that all our customers are well-looked after. We want our international customers who speak multiple languages to have the same amount of information available to them as our English-speaking clients. This is where Peak Translations, since 2008, have been able to help us achieve this goal, enabling us to communicate efficiently across the board to our French, Italian, Spanish, German, and more recently Scandinavian customers.


The Solution

With such a huge amount of our products carrying particularly technical instructions, it is fundamental that these are not misunderstood, especially when many of our customers might find themselves on snow-capped ridges of Mount Blanc, the Dolomites or even Everest. For this reason we require top-notch technical translations, which are provided to us by Peak Translations. They put themselves in our shoes by understanding our needs and as a consequence source technically-competent translators to fulfil the translations. Similarly with regards to our marketing or advertising material, Peak will only use specialist translators who understand what it means to communicate in different target markets, thus ensuring that cultural barriers are crossed. Moreover, if they feel translation is not necessary, they will provide honest advice, e.g. one particular piece of text had been translated into several languages and at a later date received a slight revision in the English. Peak’s recommendation was to leave the existing translations alone, as the amendment did not change their meaning. Above all, due to the nature of what we do, with much of the text being minimal, Peak have continually been working with us to provide a cost effective solution to work with them over time, in order that we receive the best value for money translations.


The Benefits

In order to keep up with an ever-growing global market, clear, accurate and effective communication is imperative.  As a result, we want all of our customers, at home and abroad, to be well-informed and enticed to our products, which is why our partnership with Peak Translations is so vital.

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