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Colosseum at night in Rome

Closed for business … it’s that time of year again … ‘the silly season’.

“Where is Europe during the month of July and August?” If you are a business who exports to Europe or has any international investment within this continent, then you might feel like you are playing the game of ‘Where’s Wally?’ if you do not take the time to prepare and get ahead of what is […]


Master the art of tapping the right maple tree for an advantageous Canadian business partnership

When you think of Canada, the second largest country in the world after Russia, what immediately springs to mind? Most likely such things as maple syrup, elk, beavers, ice hockey and its stunning landscape will register. But did you know that this nation is able to beat any another country hands down as the biggest […]


A fast-swimming Portuguese small fish in a big pond

Portugal may appear a small ‘peixe’ in the European economic pond, but it certainly doesn’t act like one, given that it is home to one of the EU’s fastest developing economies. With its gills puffed up, this unique and exotic ‘peixe’ offers a whole host of worthwhile national and international business opportunities, brandishing a reliable […]


Trevi Fountain in Rome

‘La vita è bella in Italia’.

For all its sparkling Italian charm, chic fashion, gastronomic heaven, scintillating art, fascinating architecture and breathtaking countryside, Italy is home to many cultural quirks. For instance, were you aware that it is taboo to order a cappuccino in the afternoon in Italy? Apart from being bad etiquette, it does not play well with the digestion […]


Is Easter a symbol of hope, renewal and new life, or is it all about the chocolate?!

Easter is on the horizon, but what does it mean across the globe? How do various cultures embrace this celebration? Are traditions more religious or commercial? Perhaps some countries see both forms of celebrations as valid. Whatever the convention, just as we saw in the Valentine Blog, Easter festivities bring a whole variety of weird […]


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