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Striking the right chord doing business with Africa

Global business ventures are always spreading their wings and travelling the world looking for opportunities to invest and grow. Africa is one such destination, a vast continent (not a country, a common misnomer), made up of many countries (54), nations, landscapes, languages, politics, religions, economies, cultures and so forth. And why is it worth investing […]


Unity in business, unity with United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an oasis situated in a vast expanse of deserts in the Middle East, whose two most important Emirates include its capital Abu Dhabi, epicentre to the gas and petroleum industry, as well as the fastest growing city of Dubai, one of the key cities for business, service, tourism and construction. […]


How to water long-lasting relationships in the business desert of Saudi Arabia

Each and every country tells a thousand and one stories of interesting facts and cultural quirks. So what makes ‘the Kingdom’ different and a worthwhile business investment? For starters, it is one of the world’s fastest growing countries and largest economies (ranking 25 with a GDP growth in 2012 of 6%+). It is also home […]


Peak Translations MD joins Chamber Assembly

On 21st October Peak Translations MD, Helen Provart, was officially welcomed as a member of the Assembly of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. The Assembly is responsible for guiding the Chamber’s policy and strategy decisions and creating a voice for its members. During a Business Women’s Network meeting, regularly attended by Peak’s MD, members […]


How to get ‘Vorsprung’ (a head start) in the world of German business

What do we envisage when we think of Germany? Beer, sauerkraut, Oktober fest and sturdy cars … but, did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice, 800 million portions of currywurst are consumed annually and it is home to the highest number of cultural activities and places worldwide?! And what about as a […]


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