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How to ‘Tango’ in Argentina

Having lightly skimmed the surface of business culture in Latin America previously, it is time to delve a little deeper into the depths of one of the area’s leading countries for international investment, Argentina. In this blog, you will be transported to the cosmopolitan country of Argentina, a 33-million populated land full of diversity, where […]


There’s more to Brazil than Rio Carnival!

If someone asked you what are Brazil’s most widely recognised features, you are more than likely to say, Rio de Janeiro’s famous landmark, Christ, The Redeemer, the world-renowned Rio Carnival, its rum-based cocktail, the Caipirhinha and its lively native dance, the Samba. You might also mention its barbecue meat champion status, alongside Argentina (although never […]


Climbing to the top of the Southeast Asian business mountain

One of the key elements to achieving success in any global business venture is cultural awareness, researching the target country’s business formalities, customs and communication styles. And what cultures could be more varied and captivating than Southeast Asia’s? Travel across many borders, embrace a wealth of stunning landscapes and meet a plethora of fascinating people […]


Crossing the Russian border

Welcome/Добро пожаловать! (Dobro požalovat’!) to Russia, the largest country by area in the world with 11 million more females than males, a country with nine different time zones, where you can enjoy the longest train journey in the world on the Trans-Siberian Railway. This diverse place with its complex history and fascinating people is what […]


How to become part of the Latin American business family

Latin America is made up of a colourful rainbow of 22 countries with a diversity of landscapes, politics, food and people. Predominantly speaking Spanish and some Portuguese, it is a treasure trove of cultural nuances. Nevertheless, as a whole, it has several things in common, like its cultural warmth, whereby business associates are treated almost […]


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