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“As an integrated marketing and PR agency, we believe in offering nothing but the highest standard of service, whilst fully understanding the importance of getting the right message across the board for our clients, whatever the subject matter. This is why we know we are in the right hands with Peak Translations, who completely reflect our philosophy by providing us with the most authentic and accurate translations fulfilled by expert translators who understand what it means to communicate effectively in another culture.

Who wouldn’t want a company like that on their side”?

Helen Duncan, Managing Director, Fig Creative

“We were well looked after and their efforts were greatly appreciated. I would heartily recommend this company if you want your website to communicate proficiently in another language and for expert translations.

I’d say one of their key qualities is their personal touch”.

Bronwyn Darby, Marketing Manager, Escape Fitness

“Our collaboration with Peak Translations has helped our products sell internationally with authentic technical translations. Their commitment and support to us as clients is unparalleled, consistently coming to our aid by helping us communicate with our international clientele, often having to translate very industry specific text.

Peak always hit our deadlines (even when some of them are very tight) and provide the text to us in the format we require. Friendly to deal with and also very good at what they do. Some of our text is very industry specific but they always manage to understand it and translate it without any issues.

We’re very happy with all our translations from Peak and are confident that their work is consistently at the high standard we ourselves always wish to deliver”.

Georgina Reed, Graphic Designer, Equip Outdoor Technologies

“We take great pride in building strong relationships with our overseas clients and therefore any information relayed must be precise and accurate.

This is the reason we have placed our reputation as clear communicators in the hands of Peak Translations, as not only do they completely understand the importance of productive collaboration within an ever-growing international market, but their commitment to providing us with the most authentic translations of our technical and marketing material is of exceptional quality”.

Peter Dowell, Managing Director, Delta Neu

Whenever we need any translation work, our first port of call is always Peak Translations. They have provided us with a consistently efficient, fast, friendly and accurate service for over 15 years.

From simple items like press releases and brochures to more complex projects involving websites being translated in multiple languages, they can be relied upon.”

Ruth Shearn, Managing Director, RMS PR Ltd

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