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“I translate from English into German, mostly in the technical field and particularly patents. I have over 20 years´ experience in translation and first worked for Peak Translations in 2009. I have found their project managers to be extremely professional, friendly and helpful as well. Payment arrives not when I would expect it, but before! I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody.”

Susanne, English – German Technical Translator

“I have been working for Peak Translations as an English/German into Italian translator for almost ten years now and I can only recommend them as a well-organized and reliable company. Their instructions are clear and easy to follow, their deadlines reasonable and their payments always on time. Both management and translation coordinators are always helpful and efficient.”

Antonella, English/German – Italian Translator

“I am a French native translator working from English into my mother tongue, specialising in technical and financial translations. I recently completed a translation into French of an InDesign brochure for them. I have been working with Peak Translations since 2014. They are thorough, prompt to answer queries and use state of the art technology.”

David, English – French Translator

“I have been translating for Peak translations for over two years now, and I enjoy the projects they assign me. The professional project managers are always quick to respond to any questions I might have and are really pleasant and helpful during the translation process.

Something that I particularly appreciate about Peak Translations is that they are ready to agree upon realistic deadlines which are not too tight and therefore give me the necessary time to produce high-quality translations. That’s not something that every translation agency understands. In addition, I am always paid on time and I find them very reliable.”

Alison, French/German – English Translator

“I have worked with Peak Translations on many projects and the team is always very friendly, professional and approachable. It’s a pleasure dealing with them and I highly recommend them.”

Silvia, English – Spanish Translator

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