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“Having worked for Peak Translations for a good number of years, I have nothing but praise for their professionalism and support to their freelance colleagues. I was first approached by Ian Gordon (previous Managing Director of Peak Translations), when he was getting the newly-arrived Trados Translator’s Workbench product off the ground in the UK. His far-sighted approach to the technological evolution in the world of translation was beneficial both to the industry as a whole and certainly to me.

I was sorry to see Ian retire, but the Peak team remain a pleasure to work with. I feel sure they will go from strength to strength.”

Sue, German – English Translator

“I have been working for Peak Translations as a freelance translator for about 7 years. My language combination is English > Italian and I usually translate technical documents, generally using Trados for this company. I have always found the people in Peak Translations professional and helpful and have always been paid on time”.

Gabriella, English – Italian Technical Translator

“I’ve been working with Peak Translations for quite a few years now and I am really enjoying it. I like the way projects are being handled, in a very professional manner and with much respect for the linguist. All Project Managers are very responsive and helpful with any queries, and they are very open to any linguistic recommendation we may offer. Plus, they are all very approachable and nice people!”

Sandrine, English – French Technical Translator

“I’ve worked for this company a few times and they’ve always been helpful and professional”.

Hazel, Spanish – English Translator

“Having worked with Peak Translations on German language assignments for a number of years now I can honestly say that it is always a pleasure, as all of their Project Managers are not only professionals who know the translation industry inside out – which makes life so much easier for everybody involved – they are also really nice people.”

Sabine, German Translator/Revisor

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