What languages do you provide?

We provide services in an extensive range of languages, including all the major European, Scandinavian, Indian and Asian languages. In an average year, we cover around 100 different language combinations, including some fairly unusual language requests. For more information on the exact languages, please visit our Languages page.

Do I need a translator or an interpreter?

Translation is the written transfer of languages and interpreting is the spoken transfer of languages. So, any document, file, website or other form of written text will require a translator, whereas a meeting or discussion over the phone will require an interpreter.

How much will a translation cost?

Translation costs are calculated on the basis of the number of words to be translated. The rate per word will depend upon the languages involved and the complexities of the document. When we quote for a project, we also include any additional services required, such as desktop publishing or providing certified translations, so that the quoted amount is the price you pay without any unexpected hidden extras. Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.

Who will do the translation work?

All our translation work is carried out by qualified, specialist translators working into their native languages. It is essential that anyone carrying out translation work is not only qualified in the target language but also has experience in the industry in which they work. We therefore match the expertise of our linguists to the requirements of each project, in order to achieve the highest quality.

What does quality mean?

It’s difficult for someone who doesn’t speak a foreign language to assess how good it is and to know what makes one translation better than another. Languages do not all follow the same word order or have the same rules, so as well as knowing the words, people who speak or write in a foreign language also have to know the rules and how the words interact with each other. When we talk about quality, we naturally mean no spelling or grammatical mistakes, but we are also referring to use of the correct terminology for the industry, good linguistic style meaning the text will flow properly and appropriately for the context and a good understanding of the topic shown by restructuring sentences, where necessary, to get the correct meaning across rather than translating word for word and ending up with a clumsy, incomprehensible sentence.

Why do I need a native translator?

Your translator should always work into their native language. In other words, they should translate from a language that they have learnt as a second language and into their mother tongue. This is because no matter how well they know the second language, it will never be quite as good as their native language. The exception to this is people who use their second language as their language of habitual use, that is, they live in the country of their second language and use it on a day-to-day basis. A good translator will always be aware of this and should be able to advise you as to the language into which they translate.

Why can’t I just use Google translate?

We all know that Google translate is free but we also know that it is not always 100% accurate. There are many hilarious examples of when Google translate gets it wrong. It has its place, for example, for getting the gist of a document or email. But remember, your written documentation represents your company, whether it’s a user manual or your company website. In some countries it may be your only presence. Do you really want to risk Google translate getting it wrong and damaging your company’s reputation?

When will I get my translated document?

We work on the basis of translating around 2,000 – 2,500 words per day. The actual turnaround time will depend on the level of service required, the language combination, current capacity and any additional services required such as basic formatting or DTP. For faster turnaround times, we can put a team together to work on a project and therefore increase the daily throughput. We will discuss deadlines at quotation stage with you to ensure we can meet your requirements.

How do you guarantee the translation will be right?

All our translation work is provided in accordance with our current ISO procedures (for more information, visit our About Us page) to ensure we get it right. These procedures cover the selection of the linguist as well as the revision and proofreading stages and final in-house checks. All these elements combine to make sure that the translation is accurate, contains the correct terminology and works in the target market.

What if I need Certified Translation or Notarised Translation?

No problem. We can offer both of these services. Our certified translations are sent in hard copy format with a standard declaration, stamped with the company stamp, confirming that it is a true and accurate translation prepared in accordance with our ISO procedures. Notarised translations require the translator to attend a Notary’s office and swear that the translation is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. There are additional costs for each of these services. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

How much will an interpreter cost?

Interpreting assignments are charged in units of time, usually per hour, half day or full day. The rates will vary according to the language required, the type of interpreting and the location that the assignment will take place. Contact us today for your free no obligation quotation.

Who will my interpreter be?

Your interpreter will be a qualified linguist, experienced in providing interpreting services. As the language flow during an interpreting session goes both ways, the interpreter will be a native speaker of one of the languages and have a near native command of the second language. Much the same as with translation work, the interpreter will also be experienced in your industry sector, ensuring familiarity with terms and a good understanding of the topics under discussion.

How soon can I get an interpreter for my meeting?

We have a large team of interpreters we work with on a regular basis and can often provide an interpreter within an hour of receiving the request. Naturally this depends on where they are required and the language combination. We will always endeavour to meet any urgent requests and have a good track record in doing so. For planned meetings the more notice you can give the better, as you can then be assured that the most suitable interpreter is assigned to your meeting.

How do I pay?

We currently accept payment by cheque or via bank transfer. On the first project for new clients, we request payment in advance. We will then set up an account for payment on a 30-day term. For private clients, payment is requested in advance on each project.

How do I choose who to work with?

There are many elements to take into consideration when choosing who to place your translation or interpreting work with and it is important to remember price is not the only factor to consider. When comparing quotations, make sure you are comparing like for like – what level of service is being provided, what qualifications/experience the linguists have, will the work be checked, are there any hidden charges and the likely turnaround times? If you base your decision purely on the price, you will no doubt end up getting the cheapest quality of work, which in the long run, may do your company more harm than good.

What about confidentiality?

All of our work is undertaken with complete confidentiality in mind. All employees, translators and interpreters as well as consultants in the business sign a confidentiality agreement with Peak Translations before carrying out any work or having sight of any of our or our clients’ documentation. Our translation memories are also held exclusively for each client to ensure all information within the documents we translate is kept confidentially. For your peace of mind, we are also happy to sign any confidentiality agreements you may have in place.

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