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DTP / typesetting services

DTP / typesetting services

Many languages have characters with different meanings as well as different rules for layout. For example, did you know that in French there must be a space before a colon as well as after it? Or that a Greek question mark looks like an English semi-colon? Typesetters unfamiliar with these linguistic differences could inadvertently undermine the investment you have made in your translation project. At Peak Translations, we provide highly experienced, in-country DTP specialists, to ensure that the look of your text is just as good as the content.

Peak Translations offers:

  • In-country typesetters
  • Multilingual DTP experience
  • Range of different DTP packages
  • All scripts including Chinese and Arabic typesetting
  • Combined translation and DTP service
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations

We can help with a wide range of DTP projects including

DTP services

  • Typesetting small projects such as leaflets or flyers
  • Typesetting large projects such as books

  • DTP in AutoCad, Indesign or Corel Draw files, amongst others

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