Website, subtitling and voiceover services

Website, subtitling and voiceover services

In today’s digital age, there is increasing demand for foreign-language content to be made available on a number of different platforms, and each presents its own challenges. For example, a company’s website may be the only presence it has in a foreign market, so it is vital that the content reflects the professional image of company. But just having web pages in a foreign language isn’t enough, they have to be found, so some thought also needs to be given to making the pages visible on foreign search engines. Likewise, subtitling a piece of film requires a different set of skills to ensure the text is reduced enough to fit comfortably on the screen and to allow viewers enough time to read it, whilst still conveying the message that is being conveyed verbally on screen.

Peak Translations offers:

  • Qualified, native linguists
  • Industry / sector experience
  • Accuracy of terminology
  • Experience in web, subtitling and voiceovers
  • Technical competence
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations

We can help with a wide range of multimedia projects including

Multimedia services

  • Website translation
  • Foreign-language SEO support

  • Subtitle and voiceover insertion onto films
  • Translation of apps for mobile devices

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