Legal translation and interpreting services

International businesses with legal departments

International businesses with legal departments

At Peak Translations our clients trust us with their legal documents because we provide native speaking legal translators who understand the characteristics and vocabulary of the relevant legal systems involved in their clients’ businesses. Which means you can fulfil your legal obligations and make decisions quickly and effectively.

Legal service providers

The projects we’re involved in for legal providers can relate to any aspect of law with a foreign element including family law, immigration, international and commercial law and property transactions

Peak Translations offers:

  • Clear and precise communication of legal information
  • Linguists with legal experience
  • Fast turnaround to ensure compliance with court deadlines
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Approved translation and certification services
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations


Document Translation

  • Contracts of employment
  • Terms and conditions
  • Court proceedings
  • Certificates
  • Insurance claims
  • Notarising services

Legal Interpreting

  • Court attendance
  • Client meetings
  • Meeting and call transcription services

Our clients include: International commercial business, solicitors, legal firms, human resources consultancies and insurance companies.

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