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Image of the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany, with the German flag

Tips to translate from English to German and vice versa

The German language is the most common mother tongue in Europe and ranks 11th in the world for the most widely spoken. It is also sister language to English with many similarities between the two languages. However, it is often viewed as a particularly complex language for many reasons, including the inordinate amount of extremely […]


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How do you measure the value of a translation partner?

When you’ve no personal knowledge of your target language, it can be incredibly difficult to measure if your translation partner is doing a good job. They may well refer to their ‘value add’ but what does this mean in concrete terms, and what impact does it have on your finished work? At Peak Translations, we […]


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7 qualities to look for in a translation specialist

Before we look at what constitutes a translation ‘specialist’, let’s debunk the myth that translation is simply a like-for-like conversion of one language into another. Truly accurate translation will of course retain the meaning of the text as closely as possible; but also apply the subtleties and cultural context expected by the target audience.  Accuracy, […]


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8 things to consider when entering new markets

It’s often the case that businesses fall into new overseas markets rather than through active targeting. Covid-19’s enforced disruption of ‘business as usual’, however debilitating, also frees up time and space for structured planning like never before. Looking ahead to the commercial world post Covid-19, how do you assess which markets present the best opportunities […]


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How much should translation cost?

The world is getting to grips with a new, albeit temporary, way of doing things. How do you continue as much as possible with ‘business as usual’? In this period of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s important that your translation partner not only adds value to your project but is equipped to weather the challenges that the […]


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