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Let’s focus on being more environmentally conscious. Let’s build a better world for our future!

In light of World Environment Day, an annual event held on 5th June, that brings to light the crucial state in which we find the climate across the globe and the grievous environmental concerns that have been affecting our planet for many years, including global warming, pollution and overpopulation, etc, it is certainly worth thinking about how businesses from all over the world can help shape the future path of our environment and bring us closer to nature. Like World Environment Day, that promotes the most positive environmental action worldwide, how can we help raise awareness of our environment through the world of business and export to help build a better world for our future? There are numerous ways that this is possible. Below are some ways in which Peak Translations is doing their bit to be more environmentally conscious: –

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”.

  • As a business we are always seeking ways to help reduce our carbon footprint. As a language service provider, we offer several language services that don’t involve a paper trail; most of our professional translation is sent via email in formats such as PDF or word.doc, unless it is a legal translation such as a marriage certificate that requires certification, which would require a hardcopy sent in the post. We also recently had a new CRM installed, which is a step forward to reducing the amount of paper use within the office.
  • Another more environmentally friendly service comes in the form of telephone interpreting or online video-type conferencing, such as skype interpreting, assisting our clients with verbal international communication, which results in no travel being involved, therefore a lower impact on the environment.

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Our motto at Peak Translations is that we are constantly committed to helping our clients to communicate effectively in foreign languages. Therefore, if there are companies that are looking to share their knowledge and research on how we as a world can build a better world for our future by carrying out certain actions, would this knowledge not be better shared across the globe. And how can this be done? Surely effective international communication through written and verbal means will spread this essential word. This is where Peak Translations can help to get the message across clearly through their professional language services. Crossing cultural borders is not without its challenges so embarking on such adventures might require the employment of an interpreter during a business proposal, as well as informing people through translating the marketing and advertising material of renewable energy resources for instance. Presenting one’s ideas and proposals would also be better welcomed in the clients’ native language, so that everything is as clear as possible and nothing misunderstood.

And what better way to round off this advocacy of being more environmentally conscious and building a better world for our future than with the compelling words of Leonardo di Caprio during his Oscar acceptance speech in 2016, “Climate change is real and it’s happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work together and stop procrastinating … let us not take this planet for granted”.

By Madeline Prusmann Project Manager June 2019





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