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Project management changes at Peak Translations as the company looks to future growth

We’re delighted to announce an immediate change to our project management function which puts in place the foundations for the company’s future growth. The new structure, which brings together our project management and administration functions, will allow our Managing Director, Helen Provart, to undertake more horizon scanning and planning.

The promotion of Madeline Prusmann to the position of Lead Project Manager means she will assume responsibility for both the Project Management and Administrative functions, ensuring the smooth operation of day-to-day activities as well as acting as a communication channel between the MD and the rest of the team.

Iwona Skorbilowicz has now joined the company permanently following the successful completion of a three-month contract, joining Emma Morris in a Project Manager job share. Charlie Blood has also been appointed as Assistant Project Manager following the successful completion of his Business Administration apprenticeship.

Project management is a critical function within Peak’s operation. Since projects have so many variables and requirements, with differing project scopes, a robust approach is needed, in order to facilitate a project’s smooth running.

The role of a project manager at Peak Translations is to liaise between client and linguists, whether that be a translator, interpreter or voiceover artist; managing the project from start to finish. It involves setting out the costs, understanding the requirements, and assessing project scope and timeframes.

As Madeline explains,

“We take the stress out of a client’s project by evaluating their needs. For a translation project, we analyse the documents, gauge if DTP (desktop publishing translation) might be required, and figure out which translators would best meet the requirements of the project.

“So, if the prerequisite were a social media campaign, we would not task translators who specialise in technical translation; rather we would utilise the skills of creative translators, who will localise and adapt the text to the target market.

“As Peak is a small company, we, as project managers, are completely involved in every aspect of the process, and get to see the project from every angle. It means we get to build relationships with both the clients and the linguists in a way that perhaps project managers at a bigger company may not.”

Helen comments on what the structural change will mean for her business as a whole,

“In Madeline, I have a very capable deputy who has been with Peak for some six years. She has an innate understanding of language and linguistic processes.

“Being able to count on such a capable and skilled project management team means I can turn my attention as MD to spending more time on our clients’ requirements, today and tomorrow; allowing me to undertake more in-depth research into trends in particular languages and markets, and shape our resources and services accordingly. “It’s this change to the structure of our company that puts us on an excellent footing for growth at pace.”




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