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How Apprenticeships are expanding Peak Translations

At Peak Translations, we are passionate about supporting not only the local community but also the next generation of linguists. By offering an apprenticeship in our field, we are allowing a student to combine working with studying so they can gain skills and knowledge in our translation field.  We have taken on numerous work experience students and apprenticeships throughout the years and in 2019 we began Charlie’s apprenticeship. Here is his story.


Charlie’s experience

“As soon as I started learning languages at high school, German more specifically, something clicked, and I knew I had to do something to do with languages and my passion for the German language in the future. I did German at GCSE level through to A-Level, where I ended up receiving the highest grade in the sixth form. This spurred me on further to get straight into using my language skills. I had never been interested in going to University, even though I had been told that I could have got into Oxford with my linguistic assets. So, I decided, off my own back, to knock on Peak Translations’ door and ask if I could undertake a fortnight’s work experience, to which they said yes.

I found the experience fascinating yet great fun, I was sad to leave to be quite honest. I was actually on holiday at the time when I got an email from Helen saying that Peak would like me back in the September to do some more work for them and shortly after, and quite out of the blue, I was offered an apprenticeship, an offer I could not refuse!

My apprenticeship is a business admin apprenticeship, which sounds odd, seeing as I wanted to pursue a career translating. However, I needed to get some experience under my belt from somewhere, so this was the perfect opportunity. The apprenticeship entails everything from admin and analysing documents to being in constant contact with our vast network of linguists. The aim of the apprenticeship is to improve skills such as communication, organisation and planning, project management and all the different factors that feed into a business, but it is tailored to the industry of work, so in my case, the language industry.

There are so many apprenticeships out there for people who want to pursue careers in all sorts of industries, and for me is it the best of both worlds, getting to use my skills and the things I am passionate about, as well as enhancing vital skills needed for the ‘now not so scary’ world of work (and of course earning a bit of money on the side).

Overall, I am so glad I chose this route rather than going to university. Yes, I have to get up early in the morning and miss out on a lot of the social aspects of life, but I don’t regret any of the decisions I have made and couldn’t have found a better company for it.”


Managing Director Helen Provart’s Experience

“I decided to offer Charlie an apprenticeship with us as I could see he had a real passion for languages but needed experience in the basic concepts of business and the world of work. I also knew I wanted to strengthen the operations team and build some efficiencies which meant providing additional support to the existing Project Managers. So it seemed like a win-win.

I feel the apprenticeship is working really well. My previous experience with apprenticeships taught me that it’s important for the supervisor, which in this case is me, to be as hands-on as possible. Now, in a small business, that can be quite a commitment, but I believe if it is managed well and the objectives are clear, it can be a very good asset to the business. We are certainly seeing the benefits at Peak, through additional support not only in daily operations but in the support functions as well, such as Finance, Marketing and Supplier Management.”


From the Training provider

“Damar Training has been supporting the Apprenticeship Programme at Peak Translations for 5 months. Charlie is currently undertaking his Business Administrator Standard and is progressing well. Charlie has been involved with a project on SharePoint, creating an online system for storing Client and Linguist Information securely and confidently, and since commencing the programme, Charlie has developed his planning and organising, communication and interpersonal skills. Charlie is due to complete his first Midpoint Assessment for Block One of his training plan at the end of this month.”


Many conversations are circling in 2020 about the sustainability of the language and translation industry. If you are looking to begin an apprenticeship programme, then we highly recommend the process as this allows us to nurture the next generation’s love of language and helps us positively impact the sustainability of language.

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