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Is html code costing you unnecessary word count in your web translations?

Companies seeking to translate their web copy often come up against an early hurdle – it can prove a herculean task to extract text from a website in a usable format for translation.

This proved to be the case when Peak Translations were approached by a company seeking to enter the German market and who needed help with the translation of their ecommerce platform. E-commerce sites are certainly complex; often pulling in data from lots of different databases. As such, it can be very difficult to extract text from the website without the html coding unless you invest in additional plug-ins to your site.

When the source information is presented in this way, it creates two issues. Firstly, it is unclear to the translator which sections require translation. Secondly, it skews the word count since the html text is counted alongside the text itself. Of course this unnecessarily increases the quoted cost for the client. 

When we’re faced with such issues at Peak, this is how we approach the project:

1. We liaise with the client’s web development team to identify if they can write a program to strip out at least some of the irrelevant coding.

2. Our project management team then consider how best to manipulate the data in the source spreadsheet. They apply their knowledge of html to set up appropriate formulas, e.g. excluding cells in particular colours. This is a time-intensive but necessary step of the process.

3. We then put our trusty translation memory software, Trados, to work. We ask it to perform a detailed query against our pre-defined criteria to determine which sections required translation.

4. Within only a few seconds, Trados is able to provide a clean, text only version for quotation and translation.

5. Once our expert translator has completed the translation, Trados inserts the translation back into the overall Excel spreadsheet so that the client’s web development team has the text and corresponding coding in the format they need for the translated website.

Approaching the project in this way means the connection between the text and the corresponding html is never lost.

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