Professional interpreting services

Professional interpreting services

Whether in face-to-face meetings, over the phone or via online digital communication, accurate interpreting requires excellent communication skills and an active knowledge of both languages. Our professional interpreters are also equipped with a good understanding of the subject, as well as impartiality and confidentiality.

Business interpreting services

Interpreting services can be extremely useful in a range of business situations – negotiating with suppliers or clients, problem-solving with technical engineers, addressing an international workforce or training new distributors. Whatever the situation, it is vital you get the precise information across.

Community interpreting services

Community or public service interpreting is often required in some quite sensitive situations, where people are vulnerable and in need of help. Public service interpreters therefore need to be experienced, responsive and supportive with a good understanding of the procedures in place.

Telephone interpreting services

It’s not always practical to organise a face-to-face meeting, especially if there are a number of participants in a variety of locations, but you can still communicate using telephone interpreting services or online video-type conferencing services.

Peak Translations offers:

  • Qualified interpreters, native in one of the languages
  • Industry / sector experience
  • Accuracy of terminology
  • Excellent communication skills
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations
Peak Translations

We can help with a wide range of interpreting assignments including:

Interpreting services

  • Public service interpreting
  • Business interpreting for meetings
  • Consecutive interpreting for workshops and training events
  • Simultaneous interpreting for conferences

  • 24/7 telephone interpreting
  • Telephone conference calls
  • Skype or video conferencing
  • British Sign Language interpreting

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