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Why it pays to include an interpreter in your videoconferencing

English is spoken by some 430 million people as a second language across the world. However, that does not mean that English is comprehensively understood. Relying on other people’s ability (or desire) to communicate in English in business can be a costly mistake, with any misinterpretations causing confusion, delays, and a loss of goodwill. The […]


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Partnership programme

Introducing Peak’s new Partner Programme It is likely that we all know companies who are working internationally. It could be our own clients. Contacts through our networking. Or perhaps even a different department of the organisation we work for.   As a business with a 40-year heritage, Peak Translations understands and is fully committed to […]


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6 steps to smarter web translations

Ensuring our services derive maximum benefit for our clients is a guiding principle here at Peak Translations. That involves giving the best possible advice to remove the cost of any unnecessary translation, reduce the number of queries from the translator to streamline the process, and ultimately deliver the project on schedule. We recommend consideration of […]


How to save time, money and energy when commissioning your translations

Here at Peak Translations, we are forensic in our translation work. It is our job to make your messaging as clear as possible for your target audience. That requires a contextual understanding of every word, and the work is often painstaking. There are, however, some checks you can undertake yourself before passing on your copy […]


Project management changes at Peak Translations as the company looks to future growth

We’re delighted to announce an immediate change to our project management function which puts in place the foundations for the company’s future growth. The new structure, which brings together our project management and administration functions, will allow our Managing Director, Helen Provart, to undertake more horizon scanning and planning. The promotion of Madeline Prusmann to […]


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