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How to understand your target audience wherever they are in the world

Behind every great brand lies a compelling story and a meaningful connection to their audience. But how do you tell that story and get your customers to relate to your vision when you don’t speak their language? We’ve all heard of product launches or ad campaigns that got badly lost in translation (see ‘Five times […]


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Subtitles and voiceover – how to be seen and heard by your foreign audience

More and more, the world is choosing to engage digitally. But what of your foreign audiences? How do you make sure they enjoy the same user experience as their native-English-speaking counterparts? The answer lies in voiceover and subtitles. There are many different occasions when you might want to attract or engage with an international audience. […]


We are hiring!!

Looking for a new opportunity?   Interested in joining our award-winning Project Management Team?   We’re hiring!!   We currently have a vacancy for an enthusiastic, client-focused project manager with great attention to detail, to assist with our growing client base. We are a small yet ambitious company based in Whaley Bridge. Peak Translations is […]


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Why it pays to include an interpreter in your videoconferencing

English is spoken by some 430 million people as a second language across the world. However, that does not mean that English is comprehensively understood. Relying on other people’s ability (or desire) to communicate in English in business can be a costly mistake, with any misinterpretations causing confusion, delays, and a loss of goodwill. The […]


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Partnership programme

Introducing Peak’s new Partner Programme It is likely that we all know companies who are working internationally. It could be our own clients. Contacts through our networking. Or perhaps even a different department of the organisation we work for.   As a business with a 40-year heritage, Peak Translations understands and is fully committed to […]


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