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Is html code costing you unnecessary word count in your web translations?

Companies seeking to translate their web copy often come up against an early hurdle – it can prove a herculean task to extract text from a website in a usable format for translation. This proved to be the case when Peak Translations were approached by a company seeking to enter the German market and who […]


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Technology and its role in reaching overseas markets

When a business sets out to enter a new foreign market, a typical starting point is to take the UK product and apply it in the same way to the new market, using the same channels and the same technology. If a market approach works well in the UK – and the country you are […]


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Why translation memory software is the perfect match for technical translations

Translating technical text can be notoriously fiddly. The original language text often exists in a variety of formats – whether that be manuals, user guides, data sheets or technical drawings. Translation in this area requires a significant eye for detail and, of course, know-how in making the process as smooth as possible. It’s reassuring to […]


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Communicating with foreign audiences in the new Covid-19 world

How well are your foreign audiences understanding the messages of your business? At best, misunderstanding causes confusion. At worst, it has dire consequences for a business – not only in terms of impacting the health and safety of its staff and customers but also how successful it might be in developing new overseas markets. As […]


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Why does it matter if my translation partner is ISO accredited?

What happens if my suppliers go under? As we emerge into a Covid-19 changed world, that’s the question many are asking. Of course, there’s never a guarantee of which businesses will best weather the commercial storms ahead. Knowing, however, that your supplier of choice has robust systems in place – on strategy, cash flow, profitability […]


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