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Are you ready for the international sporting stage?

Are you ready for this year’s international sporting stage? Every year, thousands of people from all walks of life of varying cultures and nationalities, cross cultural boundaries to enjoy their one unifying passion that is sport. This summer is set to be jam-packed with exciting sporting events including the Cricket World Cup, Wimbledon and the […]


Sporting fans … an international sport!

The internationalisation of sport is a wondrous thing, whereby sporting events across the globe bring together an audience of varying cultures and nationalities every year. Like music gigs, sporting occasions cross all cultural borders to fulfil dreams of listening to and watching live performances for all kinds of people, as passions unfold before their very […]


Can your language provider support you through Brexit?

Can your language provider support you through Brexit? As we move closer to the deadline for exiting the EU, many industries are looking more deeply into how they might be affected by Brexit and the language industry is no exception. In March, I attended the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) Networking Event in Leeds, where […]


Is your business China ready?

Are you China ready? Did you know that the number of people travelling between Beijing and Manchester has increased by 80% in the last 2 years? In fact, the total expenditure from Chinese Visitors in the UK in 2017 alone was approximately £695 million* How many of these Chinese visitors are staying in your hotel? […]


Why Google Translate isn’t your best friend

You’re short on time and you’ve got a tight budget, so what instantly comes to mind to fix your language barrier problems? For many, it is Google Translate or similar online ‘machine translation’ tools. Not only is it free, but it provides fast translation. But is Google Translate really your best friend; I’m afraid not. […]


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