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Colours, customs and business etiquette – and their importance in building relationships

Long-lasting business relationships are clearly built on trust and understanding. When dealing with a supplier or customer in a foreign market, that trust is built by not only respecting their business and the people in it but the wider culture of the country in question. Peak Translations has been helping UK companies to enter new […]


Webinar Series: Selling Overseas – Tips for Growth

I am delighted to be bringing you a series of “Selling Overseas” webinars this year all aimed at growing your export sales. Many of our clients are exporters and we work with them, assisting them to communicate effectively with their target markets as well as complying with an legal requirements around providing information in the […]


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8 things to consider when entering new markets

It’s often the case that businesses fall into new overseas markets rather than through active targeting. Covid-19’s enforced disruption of ‘business as usual’, however debilitating, also freed up time and space for structured planning like never before. Looking ahead to the commercial world post Covid-19, how do you assess which markets present the best opportunities […]


What is localised paid media?

If you’re a multinational business, or looking to become one, then localisation is likely a concept familiar to you already. Going beyond translation, the aim is to make a brand’s content feel as native as possible in another language, so that it could almost be mistaken for a ‘local’ business. But did you know that […]


Image of translation brief quote Translating without clear instructions is like swimming without water by Christiane Nord


In the previous Planning article we looked at 3 points that are important to consider in order to make sure your international communications get the right message across. Here we look at two more worthwhile tips to ensure you get maximum return on investment and really boost those export sales. Provide a translation brief Don’t […]


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