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How much should translation cost?

The world is getting to grips with a new, albeit temporary, way of doing things. How do you continue as much as possible with ‘business as usual’? In this period of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s important that your translation partner not only adds value to your project but is equipped to weather the challenges that the […]


COVID-19 precautionary measures

In light of the recent events surrounding Covid-19, I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that the Peak team is constantly reviewing our contingency planning and precautionary measures to ensure that we can remain fully operational for our customers. The health and safety of our project team, linguists, customers and their families […]


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Coronavirus and its impact on how you communicate as a business

As the impact of the Covid-19 virus becomes ever more real, how can your business weather the challenges this pandemic presents?  It’s widely accepted that 80% of effective crisis management is in the planning rather than the response. Effective planning of course involves identifying and mitigating risks but should also include a robust approach to clear communications.  If you are a company with customers […]


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Setting aside adequate time for translation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, as the saying goes. We all know that the most successful projects are the ones that are well planned. When it comes to international projects where there is likely to be a language requirement, however, it’s amazing how often the translation element is overlooked and must be squeezed […]


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How Apprenticeships are expanding Peak Translations

At Peak Translations, we are passionate about supporting not only the local community but also the next generation of linguists. By offering an apprenticeship in our field, we are allowing a student to combine working with studying so they can gain skills and knowledge in our translation field.  We have taken on numerous work experience […]


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