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Tips to translate from English to Hindi and vice versa

India plays host to a colourful array of languages and of those 22 national languages, Hindi takes centre stage. This star player belongs to the Indo-Aryan language and not only plays the main language role in India, but also plays one of the top five leading fiddles on the world’s verbal language stage. So how […]


Tips to translate from English to German and vice versa

The German language is the most common mother tongue in Europe and ranks 11th in the world for the most widely spoken. It is also sister language to English with many similarities between the two languages. However, it is often viewed as a particularly complex language for many reasons, including the inordinate amount of extremely […]


Tips to translate English to Spanish and vice versa

The world is an enormous melting pot of cultures and languages that are forever crossing each other’s borders, and because more and more business is being conducted globally, effective international communication is a vital component of successful global investment. Although English is renowned as the world’s ‘lingua franca’, Spanish ranks higher than English as the […]


Tips to translate English to Arabic or vice versa

Whilst Arabic might be one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world (the fifth most widely spoken language across the globe), it is one of the most challenging languages to translate. Below are five points to consider when translating from English to Arabic and vice versa:- As Arabic is a member of the […]


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Five Tips to translate from English to French and French to English

  1) Numbers In the English language, numbers are written with decimal points, whereas in French a comma is used. Let us take the example in both the English and French currency.  The British pound would be written as £19.99 for example and in Euros as €19.99, whereas in French not only would the decimal […]


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